Skills® for Parents

Skills® empowers you to take a hands-on role in your child's learning and development. The easy-to-use online program guides you step by step through individually-tailored lessons and activities, leading to meaningful progress for your child and a more enjoyable family life.

How Skills® works

Skills® is intuitive and comprehensive, making it easy for you to apply an
effective, scientifically-proven teaching plan for your child.


Start assessment

Answer a series of yes/no questions to get a clear picture of your child's skill level compared to others of the same age.


Build a teaching plan

Based on the assessment, Skills® automatically generates a customized group of activities to teach your child what he needs based on his age and development. Add your desired activities to the treatment plan by checking the boxes.


Start teaching and track progress

You are now ready to implement your plan. As you move through the lessons, you will be able to track your child's progress on visual charts and graphs.

The Skills® Difference

Based on decades of research, Skills® identifies every skill a child needs across the entire range of human functioning. With the unique Skills® approach, you can:

Achieve meaningful progress for your child

  • Nearly 4,000 lessons across a complete range of eight development areas
  • Customizable teaching plans specifically targeted to your child
  • Basic to advanced so your child can reproduce new skills at school and elsewhere

Play an active role in your child's development

  • Intuitive step-by-step format for an easy-to-follow teaching path
  • Direct links from assessment to lessons, ensuring you apply the correct activities
  • Age-appropriate activities, eliminating the chance of teaching skills beyond your child's age
  • Smart search for quickly finding lessons to fit your child's needs

Included with activities:

  • Guidance for setting up materials
  • Sample videos of the treatment in action
  • Ideas to ensure newly-learned skills will transfer to real-life situations
  • And much more..

Here is what parents are saying about Skills®:

"Skills® has been the answer to a prayer! It has been so helpful in preparing for my son's IEP and for teaching him new skills at home. I highly recommend Skills® to any parent who wants to help their child on the autism spectrum make substantive progress!"
– Shannon P., California

"When our daughter was diagnosed with autism, we found that the biggest problem with our home-based ABA program was finding a curriculum that was age and behaviorally relevant to her. Skills® filled that gap! Now she is doing amazing and is keeping up with her twin sister!"
– Janna R., South Dakota

Where did Skills® come from?

The Skills® story can be traced back more than three decades, when the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) was established in 1990 based on UCLA’s Dr. Lovaas's findings. Two decades later, CARD researchers created Skills®, integrating more than 30 years of scientific study with the latest online technology.

Comprehensive Curricula

The unique set of Skills® curricula identifies eight distinct areas of human functioning:


The ability to communicate effectively and understand others


Various forms, including interactive, independent, pretend, and computer play


The ability to engage independently in daily living activities, from dressing and toileting to setting the table


The visual, oral, and motor skills a child needs to communicate effectively, participate in play and daily living activities, and succeed academically

executive functions

Goal-oriented behavior and self-management, such as memory, attention, planning, self-awareness, flexibility, and problem solving


Ability to understand the mental states of oneself and others, such as sarcasm, empathy, and pretending

Social interactions and relationship building, as well as social language skills and self-esteem


Language arts and math skills to work independently on assignments at school

What is applied behavior analysis (ABA)?

The Skills® curriculum is based on applied behavior Analysis (ABA). Widely regarded as the most effective treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ABA is the only treatment shown to produce significant, long-term improvement. In developing an ABA treatment plan, a clinician, teacher, or parent analyzes the relationship between a given behavior and the child's environment (the causes of the behavior), and then applies a series of targeted interventions. Through this process, ABA reduces challenging behaviors, increases wanted behaviors, and improves the child's functioning.

One-to-one consultation

With our personalized help sessions, a Skills specialist will walk you through every step of the
Skills® program, so you and your child can take full advantage of its many benefits.

Consultations include:

  • Help completing your child's assessment and selecting teaching activities.
  • Assistance with navigating the Skills Program.
  • Unlimited training sessions included with your membership.
  • Consultation via video chat and other online technology

Research on Skills® and ABA

ABA is at the forefront of effective therapy for children with autism, and over the last 40 years thousands of studies have shown its effectiveness. Additional research has evaluated specific components of the Skills® program, and several more studies have been adapted from Skills® lessons.